About Us


At the heart of AgentCut you will find two co-founders, Stan and Julie. We both are passionate developers, mother and father of two young children. Living, working together and managing the entire team from our peaceful home, in the Canadian forest.

We've launched our first online video maker, MakerMoon, in April 2018. During the first year, the response from the real estate industry was overwhelming. The flexibility of the video editor turned out to be a good fit for the complex requirements of the real estate industry.

The next logical step was to dedicate more resources developing features and templates, tailored for real estate agents and marketers. This is how AgentCut was born.

Our mission is to reduce the huge amount of time agents and marketers can waste designing videos and marketing content on their own.

AgentCut success is mostly due to the continuous feedback we receive from agents and marketers. If you need a specific feature, please don’t hesitate to share it with us, you might be surprised.


  • Stan Dacol
    Co-founder, full stack developer and animation designer
  • Julie Grant
    Co-founder, front end developer and animation designer
  • JJ Baiden-Amissah
    Business Development Manager
  • Rehmat Ullah
    Front end animations, special fx designer, back end developer.
  • Marie W. Maggnard
    Graphic designer
  • Arnaud Beauchamp
    Marketing and strategy


Our most important source of information is your feedback. This is what allows us to improve makers and choose what features should be developed. We do our best to provide timely support and always reply e-mails. Your suggestions and comments are precious. Please tell us what you think, what annoys you, or what you think should be improved.